Friday, April 12, 2013

Kickstarter: Dwarven Forge

Many gamers are very familiar with Dwarven Forge, it is a terrain company started by Stefan Pokorny seventeen years ago, originally known as Master Maze back when I bought my first set. Stefan is an artist/sculptor who is also a gamer(or the reverse).

This makes for the perfect initial substance post as DF is a massive name in the terrain area, right up there with Hirst arts.

The resin(called polystone) tiles they produce are all interchangeable(for a given value of interchangeable) and come in great variety.

The first sets produced were their dungeon sets.

Originally limited to square rooms and straight corridors they have expanded to include angles, curved corridors, narrow passageways, traps, and a great variety followed.

Their second line is the Caverns set.
This set added not just rooms but wide and narrow natural passages and vistas for people to have their models in remote unexplored areas. A river set was added to it that allowed water flows through the dungeon.

Their third line is a quartet of future sets.

The Starter set lets you set up rooms.
The Passage set adds corridors.
The Alpha Expansion adds detailed flooring with removable components
The Gamma Expansion adds chairs and items.

The Final Set they produce is a medieval building set that allows for construction of inns and other interiors for buildings.

This is the set that I want to acquire next for my collection. Unfortunately it is out of stock right now, but when it becomes available I will be adding a couple to my collection.

In this regards I encourage our readers to support the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter for their Dungeon Tiles.

While any of the regular sets will cost upwards of $100 per set the Dungeon tiles are made from Dwarvenite which is much more resilient than Polystone and has lowered the cost of the set. They also come in painted and unpainted so those collectors can expand their dungeons with their own paint scheme.

They are starting out with just the original master maze dungeon sets, but the Kickstarter has already grown to over $600,000 of their initial $500 goal.

It now includes curved walls, angles, and other stretch goals that are unlocked as more money pours in.

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