Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dwarven Forge Arrival

From the deep mines of California my shipment of Dwarvenite has arrived. What struck me was how small the box was. It was 12x9x5, much smaller than I had expected considering the packaging all my other tiles are in.

The box itself weighed over ten pounds and was packed to the brim with my shipment.

5 Painted sets, the most sorrowful room of them all, a nice bag to carry it all in, and some accessories to pretty up the dungeon.

I am a little embarrassed to say that I can't actually remember what I had ordered and will need to check my receipt to ensure correctness, however what is here seems right.

I am going to need to get myself a set of boxes to separate and store these parts in to make them more useable. The pieces are packed in their tight and solid. No damage is immediately obvious.

The paint job is excellent and will go really well with my existing sets. I will post a side by side for comparison when I have the chance.

A nice letter of thanks from the Dwarven Forge. It really is the little touches that make things great.


I look forward to making the special room of sorrows with these components.

I only had time to open up two of the boxes, one regular set and the den of sorrows. I will open the other boxes and check through them to make sure there aren't any errors, missing pieces, or other issues that may sometimes arise.

Overall my first impression is that these are great and they will go excellently with the rest of my collection.

Stay tuned I will be using the map maker program that was part of the release to design a dungeon layout to take best advantage of these pieces. For fun's sake I will add in my other DF tiles if time allows and see what I can turn out.

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