Friday, October 11, 2013

Terrain Kickstarter Week 10/12/2013

Modular Fortress will be doing a terrain related kickstarter list every other week from now on. Exceptions include interesting or noteworthy kickstarters.

There are eight terrain related kickstarters going on right now.

Warboard, the innovative gaming mat by Steve: Ends in 11 days, at 128% of £8,500

Setting: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Scale: 28mm & 15mm
Stretch Goals: Yes

Construction: Unfold

Material: 2mm board

Visual Detail: Colour, 2D, High Detail

What you get: A fold out setting board to play on to provide a stylized base for terrain and troops. The details are flat but well done and provide a nice alternative to a single coloured piece of wood or floor. One of the key features is that they are easy to pick up and transport folding up and storing in a transport box which comes with your pledge.

Setting: Generic

Scale: 28mm

Stretch Goals: Yes

Construction: Glue/None

Material: Resin Molds

Visual Detail: 3D, Painted, Medium Detail

What you get: Molded bases that try to give the impression of lava, blue ice, and silver/white ice. A simple design and a relatively good deal for the price; these base pieces can add some style and quick unity to an army or a group of models.

Setting: Generic Fantasy Castle

Scale: 28mm

Stretch Goals:No

Construction: Printing

Material: Paper/Digital

Visual Detail: High Detail, Colour

What you get: A set of digital files that gives you the layout of a castle and all of its levels. The backer is then responsible for printing them out. Comes with 2 versions, one is a furnished castle and the other is bare.

Laser Cut MDF Terrain for Wargames by T.J.H Models: Ends in 16 days, at 49% of £10,000

Setting: Generic Modern/Sci-Fi

Scale: 28mm

Stretch Goals: No

Construction: Interlocking and Magnetic

Material: Laser Cut MDF Wood

Visual Detail: unpainted 3D, Low Detail

Another in the line of the laser engraved wood and the second attempt at funding for this project. This set allows a person to make walkways, corridors, and catwalks that can be stacked up high to make 3D areas. Based out of Britain.

Setting: Ship Corridors

Scale: 28mm

Stretch Goals: Yes

Construction: Printing & Glue

Material: Printed Paper

Visual Detail: Medium Detail, 2D/3D, Black & White

What you get: A PDF file which contains ship segments very similar to the 3D sci-fi segments supplied by Hirst Arts or Dwarven Forge. You back and get a colour pdf file which then is printed out onto cardstock and glued/taped together.

Pad of Hexagonal Content by Peter Regan: Ends in 22 days 355% of £300

Setting: None

Scale: 7mm Hex

Stretch Goals: None Shown, but claims to have them

Construction: None

Material: Paper

Visual Detail: 2D, Unpainted, No Detail

What you get: A pack of 7mm hexes on A7 paper to draw on.

Setting: Sci-Fi/Star Wars

Scale: 1 inch grid

Stretch Goals: Yes

Construction: Unroll/Unfold

Material: Plastic

Visual Detail: 2D, Medium detail, Colour

What you get: A set of map packs with a 1” grid. The 1st is of a city but they have added an “Ice Fortress”, Academy, cantina, and more.

Setting: Generic Fantasy/ Underworld, Crypt

Scale: 28mm

Stretch Goals: Yes

Construction: Interlocking/Glue

Material: 3mm Wood

Visual Detail: 3D, Unpainted, moderate detail

What you get: This is definitely one of the more interesting terrain kickstarters to date. Like so many others it uses laser cut wood, but instead of being a series of gantries and fortifications the pieces assemble into a dungeon environment; a modular dungeon design system. Easy to store and transport, it appears well designed.  Keep your eye on this one.

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